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И. Геращенко призвала страны-члены НАТО додавить Россию

Ирина Геращенко, первый заместитель головы Верховной Рады и представитель Украины в подгруппе по гуманитарным вопросам трехсторонней контактной группы по урегулированию ситуации на Донбассе, призвала страны-члены НАТО оказать на Россию давление в вопросе освобождения украинских заложников.

Об этом она сообщила на своей странице в Facebook.

"The coordination civil platform to release the political prisoners who are kept in the Russian Federation and Crimea was organized under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine coordination. The former political prisoners, human rights advocates, Crimean Tatars activists and volunteers who help families of the political prisoners and keep contacts with layers have joined this important initiative. Today we discussed coordination of the activities of the authorities and the civil society in particular those aimed at informing the international community about the issue of the hostages and important items of the contacts with families and support of the prisoners.

A very emotional moment was when Minister Klimkin and all those present have talked on Skype with unbreakable Ilmi Umerov, whom the occupants have released from the psychiatric hospital last week thanks to the efforts of his family and international publicity. He have thanked all people of good will for support and have called the authorities and all Ukrainians not to forget about Crimea and to put on the agenda of all the international meetings the issue of the illegal occupation of Crimea

…. The screen of the old cell phone. We are listening attentively Mr. Umerov, who talks about the situation in Crimea. It is still very complicated to realize that at the present time it is fully closed and blocked territory that is allowed for visits only of paid out clowns that are ready to speak about Crimean inhabitants who are “happy” under the occupation. Any independent international mission, including human rights and medical, are not allowed to visit Crimea.

We have thanked Ilmi for his position and invincibility and patriotism. He and his family are under the every day surveillance and the real threat, including possibility of using the methods of punitive medicine and tortures and it is our task to protect Mr. Umerov, as well as dozens of other Crimean Tatars and Ukrainian activist, journalists and patriots who risk their health and freedom every day, because of their position and remain prisoners on the occupied territories.

Only publicity and attention of the world to the issues of the occupied territories, the lands that that were stolen from Ukraine, to the tortures of hostages will help to return these territories and to bring the Russian Federation to justice in the international courts. We have to remember how complicated is the situation of Ukrainians - despite their nationality - who live on the occupied territories. We have to remember and fight for them."

"Мы просим страны-члены НАТО оказать совместное давление на Россию в вопросе освобождения заложников", - написала она.

Согласно сообщению, Геращенко и депутат Верховной Рады от фракции "Блок Петра Порошенко" Ирина Фриз обсудили активизацию сотрудничества, направленного на осуществление реформы сектора безопасности и укрепления межпарламентского диалога.

Геращенко считает, что осенняя сессия Парламентской ассамблеи НАТО будет очень продуктивной в диалоге Украины с НАТО.

По заявлениям Геращенко, на Донбассе в плену находятся 115 украинцев.
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