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Putin will be using Hamas terrorist tactics

Putin will be using Hamas terrorist tactics in his attack on Ukraine

Russian president Vladimir Putin says that - in case of the full-blown invasion of Ukraine, Russian military forces will be using terrorist tactics. See the video (translation below):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouIsFUqAJiU - this video has been removed

Translation: "We do not intend to fight with Ukrainian people. I want you to understand me clearly. If we make such a decision [to start the invasion], that will only be for the protection of Ukrainian citizens. And let us see if anyone from the [Ukrainian] military shoots at their own people; we will be standing right behind them. Not in front, but behind them. Let them try shooting at women and children".

русско-украинская война

To remind the readers, Putin invited the Hamas organisation for the talks in Moscow in 2006. Hamas is considered a terrorist organisation by the European Union, USA, Australia, Canada, Israel and Japan. The tactics employed by Hamas include "the deliberate use of civilian homes to hide and/or protect Hamas arms and munition depots and manufacturing sites", and "the unscrupulous use of civilians as human shields against anticipated air-strikes".

Source: Anton Shekhovtsov's blog
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